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Learn From The INT Professionals
Courses available in Lash Extensions, Gel and Acrylic
Enhancements and Esthetics

INT Lash Courses in Edmonton

  • INT 500 – Classic Lash Extensions
  • INT 501 – Volume, 3D and CatEye Lashing
  • INT 100/101 Courses

    • INT 100 – Professional Nail Technology Course
    • INT 101 – Complete Nail Technology Course
    • INT 101 – Deluxe Gel Nail Technology Course
    • INT 101 – Gel Only Nail Technology Course

    Education in Additional Locations

    • Edson, AB
    • Medicine Hat, AB
    • Vegreville, AB
    • Salmon Arm, BC
    • Lethbridge, AB
    • Central, AB
    • Nanimo, BC

    INT 202 & INT 203  

    INT 202 – Nail Art Workshop

    INT 203 – Pedique (Gel Toe) Workshop

    Expand Your Skills With Our Additional Courses

    INT 601

    Our very popular SPA Manicure/Pedicure Workshop

    This workshop is a quick way to advance your career and increase your income potential. Learn the steps to providing a professional Manicure and Pedicure, allowing you to offer more service options for your clients.

    INT 602

    • INT 602M – Spa Manicure Workshop
    • INT 602P – Spa Pedicure Workshop

    These workshops may be taken separately or together at a reduced tuition!

    INT 603

    • INT 603 – Wax & Tint Workshop

    Additional Workshops Offered

    INT 204 – Electric File Training

    INT 205 – Nail Biters and Reverse French

    INT 206 – Shaping (Salon Shapes)

    INT 207 – Dry Manicure (includes Erica Russian Manicure Bits)

    Course Description & Enrollment Information

    Course Description : Training in the application of Gel, Color Gel and Acrylic (L&P)

    INT 100 Professional is a beginner program which will provide you with the skills necessary to become an accomplished Nail Technician including: Sculpted Gel Nails, French Gel Nail Fills, Sculpted Acrylic Nails and Acrylic Nail Fills as well as Colored Gel application including a few beginner art techniques! Tuition includes a generous product kit and a travel case.

    INT 100 Professional is completed over a 10-12 week period and is broken down into two focus areas:

    Focus 1: Skill Development

    34 hours of classroom training
    – 6 classes, including exam day
    – 6 week time frame

    Focus 2: Home Study Program

    – A minimum of five new nail sets in both gel and acrylic
    – A minimum of five nail fills in both gel and acrylic
    – Study and review work with INT manual in preparation for exam
    – 3 hr written and practical exam

    This portion relies heavily on your self-motivation to develop your skills to a degree that will enable you to successfully service a clientele.

    Course Description :

    INT 601 is a beginner program conducted in a semi private setting. INT 601 is 8 hours of training completed in a one day session. This certificate workshop is broken into two focus areas:

    Focus 1: Skill Development

    8 hours hands on training

    Focus 2

    2 Week Home Study Program:

    A minimum of five manicures
    A minimum of five pedicures
    Study and review work with your INT manual as preparation for exam
    Three hour written and practical exam

    INT Advanced Education

    A 4 hour workshop of practical experience dealing with Nail Biters and learning the very popular “Reverse French”.

    Model Required. Call for more information.